An unapologetic telenovela in two acts

In Karen Zacarías’s hilarious, provocative and revolutionary send-up of the telenovela genre, women take power over their futures, their families, and their destinies. Love and betrayal overflow amid a vibrant cast of classic Mexican telenovela characters, with nods to Shakespeare’s comedies and Brecht’s epic theatre. Two girls—one rich but sickly, one poor and healthy—are switched at birth by a scheming beauty queen. Eighteen years later, things fly apart when the two women meet, become friends and fall for men they are forbidden to love. José Luis Valenzuela directs this smart, effervescent musical production, with an ensemble cast featuring Vilma Silva, Catherine Castellanos, and Armando Durán.

Eddie Narrated THE MUPPETS and THE MUPPETS MOST WANTED for Disney!         Released 6/13/17 on Audible.

DENVER CENTER THEATER COMPANY reading of a new play by Anne García-Romero


At The Lark - Bare Bones Studio - Directed by Leah C Gardiner

6/28/17  -- 1:00PM




June 22nd, 7:30pm SOHO Playhouse, NYC        --            June 25th, 5:00pm Jimmy's No. 43,  NYC

She Calls Me Firefly is a co-production with New Perspectives Theatre Company. In a bar in a remote town in Kentucky, a man arrives, looking for something he can't express.  Ken has the makings of a good life: a job, a home, and a loving boyfriend. Though however hard he tries, demons from his past keep him from embracing the positive things in his life.  Can Ken deal with his past before it destroys his future?


Eddie is excited to be back at A.C.T. in 2017 to workshop REVIVAL, a new musical from Casey Lee Hurt and Lucy Thurber.



A New Musical
by Lucy Thurber and Casey Lee Hurt

Saturday, May 20 at 9 p.m.
The Rueff at The Strand Theater

When you come from small-town America, it takes courage to leave and strength to stay. Obie Award–winning playwright Lucy Thurber (The Hill Town Plays) and composer Casey Lee Hurt (The Unfortunates) craft an epic musical about family and first love, the history of the land, and the power of the church.